What a crazy couple of months its been! So much so, I have neglected a lot of time for myself. This has made me feel somewhat sad.

I often find myself in a whirl wind each day between studying, working, keeping our place nice, looking after our puppy (yes, puppy), and by the time the day is done I am totally dead to the world (this is also called life I believe)! But I guess its also part of this huge transition in my life.

I am lucky to have some time off from my studies this month, so I am going to be dedicating some time to myself and making sure I look after ME a lot more.

Its strange when you spend so long planning to move somewhere and then when you arrive, what you dreamt of all those hours and days doesn’t quite add up to real life.

Despite being in one of the most beautiful places in the world, I feel that I haven’t made the most of it at all and this I’d like to change. Its bloody hard when its raining a lot – I really have found out why they call it Raincouver the last couple of weeks. However this week is looking pretty bright, and I’d like to make the most of it!


Vancouver Musings – 1 month until the move

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Now its really starting to settle in (but its not). 

I say that this whole moving abroad thing is settling in, but – is it really? We’ve been working on this plan for 2 years now and with the ever building, ongoing buzz of friends and family asking how excited I am, I feel somewhat numb to the idea of moving away now, and thats the truth.

Following the vast amount of paper work and visa jargon, no offence to Willow but I’ve done most (all) of our ‘visa life admin’ over the past god knows how long, one month today seems to be a huge blur of uncertainty, excitement, apprehension and what the f*ck.

I literally have no idea whats around the corner, in a place where I’ve never been, with people I don’t know (apart from Willow obviously) and its going to be a fantastic fresh start I am sure of it. But still – it doesn’t seem real. When I put it this way and read this post back to myself I feel a flood of excitement and buzz go through me and then I’m brought back to reality again and into the moment.

I feel very sad to leave my lovely family and close friends behind, but I know they’ll always be here and I’m ready to spread my wings.

My amazing Mum and Dad. x

My friends. x


I love you.