Apartment Shopping Tips – how NOT to shop in Ikea.

A bit of a life update: 

So on Monday, Willow and I moved into our apartment (pictured above) in Vancouver after staying out of town waiting for it to become available. Thank god Willow was here as I couldn’t lift a thing!

The sun was beaming down and I felt great, however I was so nervous as well. We’ve been waiting to get into this place for so long that I’d built up this picture of what it would be like. I’d been imagining something that was quite spacious, new and clean. I’d been looking at the floor plans umming and ahhing for months about what kind of sofa we’d get, or the size of the bed etc.

We wanted to get our place kitted out pronto, so we went and spent a day in Ikea in Coquitlam getting the basics for our place on the Friday before our move in date. We were like kids in a sweet shop; it was brilliant. Well, it was at first. After 9 hours it was a bit of a drag.

What we learnt – don’t make the same mistake:

We went round and wrote down every single thing we wanted by name and code to make life easier when ordering at the end. From our pots and pans to knives and forks, vases, we really hit it up it there.

When we reached the ordering station at the end of our maHoosive Ikea journey, the cashier said that they only deliver furniture. kfopdhgjhptzhopjzdgphjpdtbjh!

Baring in mind we needed a delivery as we don’t have a vehicle here, it was going to be very difficult to get everything to our place without one. We had 4 booklets worth of items to order, and only 3 of them were furniture. I kindly asked where it says this and whether this was some ‘general knowledge’ about Ikea I’d missed, the lady said it was in the ‘fine print’ somewhere. Fine print my arse. I was not a happy Peach and mentioned to Willow sarcastically that he needed to make sure that we always read the fine print next time we go shopping…

Just to put the icing on the cake, we went to order our furniture at the end and our card got declined. We’d reached a limit for the day on our Scotiabank Cards which we’d never actually used before The limit was set so low we wouldn’t have even been able to just buy our bed and sofa. So we left Ikea, after 9 hours, with – nothing.

When moving away and ordering from Ikea…

  1. Remember Ikea only delivers furniture so don’t waste half your life in there
  2. Don’t rely on ordering everything on the Ikea website as a lot of things you may see are not available online
  3. Make sure you’ve got enough wriggle room on your card
  4. Don’t rush at buying things. Ikea is great for basics, but I’d not recommend their bed sheets or cushions. You can pick up nicer things along the way ūüôā

We’ve managed to do some great exploring this week, so keep ya eyes peeled for a post in the next few days!

Em x

We just moved to Vancouver (yay!), and I dislocated my ribs (doh!).

The first and good bit…

If you’ve been following our story so far I’d like to thank you! No doubt, you’ll be friends and family from back home, or someone who’s just amazing and interested! Who ever you are, thank you.

You’ll be pleased to hear that my blog will now begin to get VERY INTERESTING and truly begin because guess what – we finally made it.

On Wednesday 19th July we set off at 4:30am with my Mum and Dad to head on the long journey to Gatwick Airport. I tried to snooze but couldn’t. I really can’t sleep whilst travelling on any form of transport usually and I guess it was a mixture of being excited, apprehensive and also feeling sad about saying goodbye to my lovely Mum and Dad.

I had to say a rather quick goodbye to Mum and Dad as I felt so sad leaving them and didn’t want to drag it out or cry too much. Its very hard saying goodbye to the ones you love, especially when you’re moving so far away so thank god for Skype and WhatsApp!

We flew with WestJet from Gatwick to Vancouver. Our tickets were £388 per person direct, with the flight time being at 10:55am British time, landing in Vancouver at 13:05 Vancouver time. Pretty good times!

We got off the plane and my god it was HOT! The great thing about this area of Canada is that the Summers are so fantastic and most importantly consistent. You can trust the forecast here unlike in the UK – you have to pack for all weather back home!

The bad bit…

I’ve always struggled with my bad back, and unfortunately it got the better of me this week. Over the weekend Willow and I popped on our backpacks and headed for a great weekend in Vancouver (blog post to follow). I was feeling quite a lot of pain over the weekend but thought hey, power on – SILLY ME! Tuesday we went into the Coquitlam Centre Mall to hunt for some cool apartment accessories and essentials to be delivered next week when we move in on the 31st July.

However, the days were ruined as I was suddenly in such pain I couldn’t breath or even talk! I managed to find an Osteopath who helped me, saying I’d done some serious damage to the back left side of my ribs dislocating them. Apparently its the 3rd worse pain in the whole world and I can vouch for that! So, thats why this post probably isn’t the post you’re expecting. I’ve been trying to rest up and feel better as tomorrow we’re going into Vancouver to watch the Festival of Light. So things should get much more exciting as of now…

Em x



Help me plan our first week in Vancouver!

Firstly, thank you to all my new followers and viewers. I’m so grateful! But maybe now you can help me?

I want to know if you have a favourite hang out in Vancouver or anywhere in BC? Or, is there a place you’d like to visit? Then please let me know and send me there!¬†

With only 5 days to go until we leave…(5 FRICKIN DAYS OMG) it feels like the days are literally flying by. I keep thinking of our first real ‘exploring month’. This fun won’t start straight away as we’ve got some serious life admin tasks for the first few days, like getting new phones, sin numbers, bank accounts opened etc.

Yes I said it a fun month, as I won’t start uni until the start of September and Willow won’t start work either until then. So, all we can do is get set up in our new pad and explore! We have some great friends in Vancouver already who have been kind enough to put us up for a few days whilst we wait for our apartment to become available. They’re English, so I’m going to be stuffing some classic English delicacies in my suitcase like tea bags and skips.

I can’t wait to embrace our new home city; taking in the surrounding area especially Main Street which is the key location where we’ll be picking up all of our groceries, and hanging out if we fancy a nice evening wonder for a drink or some fresh air.

I think I’ll be blown away, excited, confused maybe, just mentally trying to take it all in will be rather exhausting but in a super good way.

I’ve began to run up a list of places where I think Willow and I should go and visit first. Instead of me discussing them all now, I’ll post my reviews, hints and tips of where my favourite places are for you to explore! But first, wheres your favourite place? Whether its taking in the mind blowing scenery, grabbing a bite to eat and a cheeky cocktail or having a dip in the ocean – I’m keen to get stuck in and give it a go no matter how random.

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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A photo of us celebrating with friends a couple of weeks back. 


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Vancouver Musings – 1 month until the move

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Now its really starting to settle in (but its not). 

I say that this whole moving abroad thing is settling in, but – is it really? We’ve been working on this plan for 2 years now and with the ever building, ongoing buzz of friends and family asking how excited I am, I feel somewhat numb to the idea of moving away now, and thats the truth.

Following the vast amount of paper work and visa jargon, no offence to Willow but I’ve done most (all) of our ‘visa life admin’ over the past god knows how long, one month today seems to be a huge blur of uncertainty, excitement, apprehension and what the f*ck.

I literally have no idea whats around the corner, in a place where I’ve never been, with people I don’t know (apart from Willow obviously) and its going to be a fantastic fresh start I am sure of it. But still –¬†it doesn’t seem real.¬†When I put it this way and read this post back to myself I feel a flood of excitement and buzz go through me and then I’m brought back to reality again and into the moment.

I feel very sad to leave my lovely family and close friends behind, but I know they’ll always be here and I’m ready to spread my wings.

My amazing Mum and Dad. x

My friends. x


I love you.

Where to live in Vancouver..? Help Us!


There’s only so much digging through Craig’s List a Brit gal who’s never been to Vancouver can do!

My boyfriend Willow as mentioned in my first post, was lucky enough to go to Vancouver on a working holiday visa between 2013 – 2014. But me, no – I’m just winging it (with him by my side of course)!

Please, if you find this¬†comment¬†and recommend some places for us, I’d be so grateful! We love socialising, cool bars, pubs, art and design, relaxing.

Our top budget, with some bills is around $1,600. Trust me, we want location over anything and will be fine with a lovely basement suite. My college is in Oakridge and we’re keen to be in or as close to Kitsilano as possible.

We’ve found a few lovely apartments that fit our budget, but really…what’s it like trying to rent in Vancouver?

vancouver map
Map of Vancouver


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Sitting at my desk here in Norwich, England, I often feel like a cog in what is a huge machine, sometimes small and churning around.

I think about the day that Willow and I will say good bye to my parents and walk through those gates at the airport to fly to Canada, soar over the mountains and hit that beautiful skyline I’ve only ever seen in the pictures.

On Thursday 25th May 2017 at 4pm, all of our hard work paid off and my study visa was approved.

What feelings I hear you say? Well, that’s a question! A bundle of excitement, nerves, sadness (as I will miss friends and family), happiness, all rolled into one.

All my colleagues hugged me and we celebrated! I have been lucky enough from the start of this journey to have a supportive workplace who have known I wanted to leave the UK from the start.

I packed my bag at the end of the day and headed back to my parents. I cried with relief as I never thought this day would come. I put all the windows down and felt the sun on my face. I put the radio on; it was coincidentally playing Coldplay – Adventure of a Life Time (song at the bottom of this post).

When I got home, Willow was sitting in the garden cuddling our family dog, Ben. I knelt down beside him and we hugged, I asked how his day was and I said;

‘Guess What’

‘What?’ he said.

‘It got approved’

‘Seriously – we are going!’

My Mum and Step Dad have not liked the thought of all of this at first, and were devastated that I wanted to move away. My Mum had me young and my Step Dad has been my true Father figure, however they let us live with them to save and supported us. My Mum cried at the thought of us leaving when it was approved, but I hope she understands its truly what I want.

The last two years of saving and planning paid off, and we enjoyed a glass of wine in the garden to celebrate.

Landing in Vancouver, July 2017

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To think that Willow and I have been saving for the last two years for this dream – which is now becoming a reality – is rather a massive achievement, especially when I’m a gal who has champagne taste and beer money. OH jeez, how have I saved all¬†this?!

What are we saving for I hear you say? Well, that’s what this site is about. On July 24th 2017, (or there about’s depending what flights are cheapest) my wonderful boyfriend, Willow and I, will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. We’ll be jetting off to live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’ll be a Brit girl, in BC. :). ¬†We’re at the final stage of getting my two year study visa where we’re waiting for the last bit of our savings to go into our accounts until we have enough¬†to send to CIC for evidence. I’ll be hoping to get a work permit after finishing my studies.

This blog will feature what I’d like to do when we arrive in Vancouver. The sites, the food, the SCENERY! Baring in mind I only learnt what a carpool lane was the other day, questions arise in my mind every day like:

Where will we live? Who will I be friends with? Where will we shop? Is setting up bills the same as the UK? Where will I get a part time job? Will people like me? What happens if my visa application fails? How do Canadians watch TV (silly I know), what is cable and how do I get it? What are phone contracts like out there?

But whatever! I can’t wait and I think I’m pretty level headed and independent that I can’t wait to learn all these things!

I’ve dreamed of Canada all my life, and with Willow who has already spent a year in Vancouver before we¬†laid eyes on one another, it seemed to be..well…fate.

Despite already being a graduate in Arts Management from a London university, I’m keen to get stuck in and studying again, learn a proper skill. I have a desk job at the moment and trust me, I can’t do that forever.

The last two years has seen us living at my parents house saving every single penny we earn and my GOD are my roots bad *cries*. Our social lives have plummeted but quite frankly, each others company alongside Dexter (watched twice), Orange is the New Black,  House of Cards and many other TV series have kept us going as well as long walks through the fields around where we reside.

I’m not sure who’ll read this, but I know I will in about 10 years and probably have a right laugh!