Whats been happening along the way.


Since being here I know that all my lovely friends back home are probably wondering why the heck I haven’t posted and what I’ve been up to.

Its’ kind of funny, the fact that before you move abroad one does all this research, building a picture of a place in their mind, a place of mountains, beaches, beautiful scenery merging with a majestic city landscape.  Ahhh, sounds like bliss.

The fact is is that all these things are currently on my door step and I’m so lucky to have it. But life isn’t all pretty pictures and rainbows – we all know this. That being said, I’ve seen some amazing things, achieved so much and overall becoming more aware of life, people and my surroundings.

The 21st July marked 2 years of James and I being in Canada – isn’t that crazy? If you’re reading this and were one of the people I was banging on about this adventure to before moving here, your whole life is probably flashing before your eyes thinking where the hells the last 2 yonks gone?! Well, me too, my friend..me too.

I have now completed my design program. It was bloody hard. Harder than my degree. I was working at the weekends in a restaurant as well as a week night so that made it harder. Long arse days at college then working at weekend + homework + life = not much exploring and downtime. I learnt so much and made a couple of really lovely friends on the course. I’m grateful I have them to lean on. You need those physical people when family isn’t on your doorstep anymore.


Last Summer I lost my best friend, one I had put my heart and soul into, the one that I lived for. She made everything else invisible and only she mattered. I will never be able to replace the love and bond we developed or recover from the sheer loss. I’d do anything to hold her again. I love you, Lucie. I watched this video the other day that my friend Elise had posted online and it was about the fact that you carry on, you smile, you look normal but you don’t ‘move on’.

My parents came at the perfect time after what had happened during my first year in Vancouver. I was treated to a fantastic road trip with them, truly a holiday of a life time with their warming company and an opportunity to reflect. As well as a great holiday, they also gifted me with a puppy, we called him Sunny. He really is a wonderful boy who adds an extra light to every day life!

Summer 2018 – moving house

We moved house last Summer from Main St. to Kitsilano for a fresh start. It was a great move and we were really lucky to get the place we did. I felt desperate to leave our old place so began researching places to live nearer the beach. I found our place online, went to see it and  said to the landlord ‘Please let us live here’ – so she did. I couldn’t believe our luck because its SO HARD to find a pet friendly place in Vancouver. Its hard to find a decent place in general.

My friends Helen and Josie came to visit, it was so strange seeing those Norwich folk in Vancouver, we ate lots of good food, relaxed, explored and went whale watching. Whale watching was one of the best things I’ve done since being here and I hope to go again one day.

I’m now working in design and communication for a Non Profit assistance dog charity here in Vancouver. I’m lucky I get to be around my favourite animals and work in design. I want to learn more and grow here and even though I’m still learning and make many mistakes (trying not to!) I hope I can develop into the person I want to be.

Maybe I’m finding my path, and even though there will be many avenues to take down the road, I think I’ll be okay.