Camping with Kenny and Bex – Harrison Lake


This weekend just gone we’ve had such an amazing experience camping at Harrison Lake. Willow knew Kenny from previous travelling, and since being here Kenny and his gorgeous gal Bex have made me feel so welcome and really part of their lovely friendship group. We’d mentioned we wanted to go camping somewhere and within moments we’d planned a trip to Harrison Lake. It’s a favourite spot of theirs and I was so excited to get in their truck with them and head into the mountains!


Friday evening –

After driving for about 2 hours, with a quick stop at Walmart for some last minute essentials, and for Willow and I to grab a tent (we got an Ozark 3 person tent for $38.99 – too small for us 2, no where to put your stuff at all and can barely put in an inflatable mattress, good for just 2 nights but not more to set up a proper camp for a week) we finally arrived at Harrison Lake.

We’d headed down when Bex and Kenny had finished work so arrived as it was getting dark. There was then a 16km drive up and through the mountains on a very rocky road in the dark! Thank god for the massive truck we were in and Kenny’s skilled driving! We ended up setting up in the dark on the beach. What will the view be like in the morning we wondered? We didn’t even know if we were on a beach or a campsite. It was rather exciting!!!

I had a pretty rough nights sleep. I always find it hard to settle on the first night somewhere new, but I managed to catch a few hours worth of zzz before day light broke and the birds began to sing.

Saturday –

It was about 8am Saturday morning as Willow and I lay in our tent whilst we unzipped the tent door. Wow, what a view!


Our tent rested on the beautiful Harrison Lake shore line amongst small pebbles, dipping into smaller coves as the lake travelled vastley round. In the distance, there was a long thin island in the middle of the lake with the most beautiful mountainous back drop, even with glaciers and snow capped mountain peeks. I couldn’t actually believe we got to spend a whole 2 days there – not long enough!


As soon as Kenny and Bex awoke a few minutes after us, the boys cracked a couple of beers and us gals enjoyed Ceasars (similar to Bloody Mary’s if you’re in the UK) whilst waiting for our coffees to heat up – we might as well start the day right we thought. It was a nice surprise that Bex had used Baileys in our coffees instead of milk!

Kenny cooked a smashing breakfast of maple syrup sausages, eggs and potatoes with green peppers – it was fantastic. I’d never had those sausages before and I was so impressed!

We listened to our music on the beach whilst we pumped up the inflatables to go out onto the lake with. We tied ourselves to a self made anchor so we didn’t get too separated or drift out into the lake too far (safety first!). We packed the inflatable fridge with what we needed (beers) to go out onto the lake for a while and enjoyed a superb float around.It was SCORCHING! The weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky! I was in heaven, great company, great scenery – fantastic. I even tried Spitz for the first time (flavoured pumpkin seeds), I’ve still not got the hang of taking the seed out the shell in your mouth, so I’ll just eat the whole thing. No biggie to me.

We watched the sunset from our gorgeous spot on the beach, it was so quite and special. We had our own little beach party all day and it was perfect.



Sunday – 

I felt so sad waking up that knowing that we had to leave Harrison Lake later not hat day. We were in our happy place in the wilderness. I loved every second of it.

We noticed that there was smoke around the mountains and drifting across the water infront of us. It seemed so eerie at first and we were soon warned by a fire warden going by that there was a forest fire only 7km away (about 5 miles) from our camping spot and we may need to be evacuated.

If you’re interested to read more about the awful BC wild fires take a look here:

Specifically about the Harrison Lake fire go here:

After we noticed the smoke we were given our own personal air show! Kenny had mentioned about seeing the fire planes once before and its quite the experience, I didn’t think they’d then turn up out of know where. All of a sudden 3 planes bomb over our camp site and fly into the distance. We couldn’t believe it! They were diving into the Lake in the distance gathering water, round and around they went. We them saw more to our left hand side gathering water!

Time to go home –  😦

After packing up on Sunday and enjoying smokies and burgers (best ever by the way) it was time to head home. We listened to the tunes and were taken through the rickety road we came up viewing Harrison Lake from a different angle at Sunset. We also managed to stop at the most majestic water fall I’d ever seen (probably one of the only ones!) with another airshow of the water planes going over head. We even saw the fire in the mountains too. Devastating to see, but an eye opener at the same time.

Thank you to Bex, Kenny and Willow for making my first BC camping trip so special – here’s to many more in the future!

Em x

Take a look at more photographs of our amazing trip here. All pictures are my own.



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