Vancouver Musings – 1 month until the move

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Now its really starting to settle in (but its not). 

I say that this whole moving abroad thing is settling in, but – is it really? We’ve been working on this plan for 2 years now and with the ever building, ongoing buzz of friends and family asking how excited I am, I feel somewhat numb to the idea of moving away now, and thats the truth.

Following the vast amount of paper work and visa jargon, no offence to Willow but I’ve done most (all) of our ‘visa life admin’ over the past god knows how long, one month today seems to be a huge blur of uncertainty, excitement, apprehension and what the f*ck.

I literally have no idea whats around the corner, in a place where I’ve never been, with people I don’t know (apart from Willow obviously) and its going to be a fantastic fresh start I am sure of it. But still – it doesn’t seem real. When I put it this way and read this post back to myself I feel a flood of excitement and buzz go through me and then I’m brought back to reality again and into the moment.

I feel very sad to leave my lovely family and close friends behind, but I know they’ll always be here and I’m ready to spread my wings.

My amazing Mum and Dad. x

My friends. x


I love you.


Author: Brit Girl In BC

The trials and tribulations of a young English couple. Emigrating, visas, and planning a new life in Vancouver. Please follow our story :)

8 thoughts on “Vancouver Musings – 1 month until the move”

  1. Best of luck with the move! I’m a born and raised vancouverite and I’m sure you guys will love it here. Let me know if you need any recommendations or help with anything!


      1. That’s my neighborhood, I can tell you all the spots!
        -Uncle Abe’s is my go to for a drink, feels like you’re drinking in a 70’s basement
        -JJ bean is a staple coffee shop around Vancouver, it’s roasted locally and their muffins are amazing
        -The American on north Main St is a big bar with a decent amount of pinball machines and pool tables
        -Across from the American is Farina, the best pizza in the city
        -Nat Bailey stadium is a good place to go for a minor league baseball game. I’m not a huge baseball fan but the games are tons of fun and a good excuse to drink in the sun
        -Bloedel conservatory is a good place to spend a rainy day. It’s a tropical bio dome full of birds and cactus’

        I could keep going forever haha. If you ever want someone to show you around one afternoon, let me know! I’m not a creep, I swear haha. Follow me on Instagram! @jessicalionheart


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