Helen’s Hen Do to…PARIS! My Last Europe Trip.

Moving to Vancouver has really forced Willow and I to squirrel away the cash. I’ve hardly spent a bean on myself, but there was one certain trip I could not afford to miss…

Last year my wonderful friend Helen Anderson requested me to be one of her Bridesmaids for her upcoming wedding. And how could I ever refuse? I am undeniably excited to see her get wed to her love, Matthew.

I realised a Hen Do would be on the cards and this was something I could never miss, especially for my real life Angel, Helen. This was my last chance for quite a long time to go away with Helen and see her enjoy herself. This was her time and I wanted to be a huge part of it.

Our first day we dropped off our bags at the hotel, hopped on the metro and visited the Arch De Triomphe. The view was fantastic from the top and it was great to learn about the history of this iconic piece of architecture. We headed to Laduree, a world famous iconic Macaroon and Cake store in the centre of Paris. I treated myself to a beautiful pastry smothered in a fluffy rose water cream with fresh raspberries, topped off with a delicate rose petal.

After building up an appetite (it doesn’t take much for me), we headed over to a great burger place which was a short walk away from our hotel called Le Ruisseau. Quick, easy, but so fantastic and fun! My burger – steak tartare burger (obvs)- was probably the best burger I’d had in forever; I had no problem with washing down with my favourite cocktail, an Aperol Spritz. I’d highly recommend Le Ruisseau.

After over indulging on juicy burgers we headed to a roof top bar to admire and swoon over the Parisian skyline. The Eiffel Tower glowed beautifully, helping us to get excited for Disney Land the next morning.

Disney Land – 15.5 hours of the place. Helen, the gang and I couldn’t resist to skip around like crazy gals for that whole time apart from a few wee breaks! It doesn’t take much for Helen to look like a real life princess as she does most days. However, on our Disney day, I believe that with her gorgeous purple hair, pastel coloured flowing skirt and glittery, beautiful scale like top everyone thought Disney was promoting a new upcoming Princess!

Saturday night as soon as my head hit that pillow, I was a out like a light. I’d managed to pack in as many zzz’s as I could to make sure I was bright and breezy for the next day.

On Sunday, we took a leisurely stroll, past the Moulin Rouge, where we found a road full of bustling cafes. Obviously, I had to have a club sandwich and a pint – not too authentic but I thought hey, why the hell not?

After no time at all, and after a picnic on the lawns outside the Eiffel Tower it was time to head back home to England.

It was a total pleasure to spend this time with my dear friend. To see her enjoy herself and to make some awesome memories which we’ll never forget. Here’s to a trip for Helen to VANCOUVER!!!




Author: Brit Girl In BC

The trials and tribulations of a young English couple. Emigrating, visas, and planning a new life in Vancouver. Please follow our story :)

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