Where to live in Vancouver..? Help Us!


There’s only so much digging through Craig’s List a Brit gal who’s never been to Vancouver can do!

My boyfriend Willow as mentioned in my first post, was lucky enough to go to Vancouver on a working holiday visa between 2013 – 2014. But me, no – I’m just winging it (with him by my side of course)!

Please, if you find this comment and recommend some places for us, I’d be so grateful! We love socialising, cool bars, pubs, art and design, relaxing.

Our top budget, with some bills is around $1,600. Trust me, we want location over anything and will be fine with a lovely basement suite. My college is in Oakridge and we’re keen to be in or as close to Kitsilano as possible.

We’ve found a few lovely apartments that fit our budget, but really…what’s it like trying to rent in Vancouver?

vancouver map
Map of Vancouver

Author: Brit Girl In BC

The trials and tribulations of a young English couple. Emigrating, visas, and planning a new life in Vancouver. Please follow our story :)

3 thoughts on “Where to live in Vancouver..? Help Us!”

  1. Hey! Looks like things are coming along nicely and the move is imminent! Congratulations. We live in Kits/Point grey and have been in 3 properties since moving here 2years ago. The first place was a temporary house that a relocation person sourced for us, but the other two I’ve found through Craigslist. It really is the best way over here. I’m biased, obviously, but Kits is amazing! And it’s so walkable that even living down to around 16th ave, it’s still easily walkable to the beach. Being near 4th ave and west broadway between macDonald and burrard street is great as you have everything you need in terms of a shopping street. We live a bit further west now, which is beautiful and great for us as a family, but I’d try and stay closer to Kits if possible, as that’s where the bars/restaurants and shops are. A lot of my friends also live in east van near the shops on Main Street around 25-37th street. I don’t know the area that well, but they all absolutely love living there, and I think the rent is slightly lower. Personally, I think if you’re moving to Vancouver, it’s nice to have somewhere close to the beach and with those mountain views so you really know where you are, as opposed to just any old city! Hope that helps a bit!


    1. Hey! Thank you for your amazing comment, yes, things are coming along nicely, however today I have found out that my boyfriend’s ETA is on hold and under review, do you know anything about these or know anyone who’s come up against this? He had a non-conviction from over 12 years ago, this seems to be the problem. AND he’s also lived in Vancouver for a year before in 2013, so its crazy this whole ETA thing. If it isn’t approved soon, I’ll be moving to Vancouver on 19th July on my own at this rate and he will have to meet me there…which sort of defeats the object. I don’t think you would have had to face those troubles when you moved out to Vancouver, as it was introduced last year. I’m in panic mode right now! We have found a place in Mount Pleasant which is 1,600 a month, which is our maximum rent and its just been renovated. Someones viewing it today though so hopefully they don’t like it as they said we can have it other wise. It’s hard to tell what something is like from the pictures, but we shall see. its on 14th Ave in Mount Pleasant if that makes sense to you? I don’t really understand the roads yet! We can bike to Kits in 20 minutes, I can bike to uni in 20 minutes, and we are close to the city. We are desperate to live in Kits but for 1,600 you end up with some old thing from the 70’s… which has never been renovated 😦 I remember when you followed my previous blog (emandwillowtakecanada) you were applying for residency, or have I made that up? If so, how are you guys getting on? x


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