Landing in Vancouver, July 2017

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To think that Willow and I have been saving for the last two years for this dream – which is now becoming a reality – is rather a massive achievement, especially when I’m a gal who has champagne taste and beer money. OH jeez, how have I saved all this?!

What are we saving for I hear you say? Well, that’s what this site is about. On July 24th 2017, (or there about’s depending what flights are cheapest) my wonderful boyfriend, Willow and I, will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. We’ll be jetting off to live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I’ll be a Brit girl, in BC. :).  We’re at the final stage of getting my two year study visa where we’re waiting for the last bit of our savings to go into our accounts until we have enough to send to CIC for evidence. I’ll be hoping to get a work permit after finishing my studies.

This blog will feature what I’d like to do when we arrive in Vancouver. The sites, the food, the SCENERY! Baring in mind I only learnt what a carpool lane was the other day, questions arise in my mind every day like:

Where will we live? Who will I be friends with? Where will we shop? Is setting up bills the same as the UK? Where will I get a part time job? Will people like me? What happens if my visa application fails? How do Canadians watch TV (silly I know), what is cable and how do I get it? What are phone contracts like out there?

But whatever! I can’t wait and I think I’m pretty level headed and independent that I can’t wait to learn all these things!

I’ve dreamed of Canada all my life, and with Willow who has already spent a year in Vancouver before we laid eyes on one another, it seemed to be..well…fate.

Despite already being a graduate in Arts Management from a London university, I’m keen to get stuck in and studying again, learn a proper skill. I have a desk job at the moment and trust me, I can’t do that forever.

The last two years has seen us living at my parents house saving every single penny we earn and my GOD are my roots bad *cries*. Our social lives have plummeted but quite frankly, each others company alongside Dexter (watched twice), Orange is the New Black,  House of Cards and many other TV series have kept us going as well as long walks through the fields around where we reside.

I’m not sure who’ll read this, but I know I will in about 10 years and probably have a right laugh!